A Bit About My “vimrc” File

My configuration files (the so-called “dot” files) are in a private Git repo, which I use to keep my settings updated across various systems. That said, I’m going to make a special effort to keep my ~/.vimrc file updated in this public Gist. (As a matter of course, I keep my ~/.vimrc here now.) I use Vim a lot, and I’ve spent a long time customizing and elaborating on my setup, accumulating a lot of tricks that are useful to pass on. Someday, perhaps I’ll write a Vim autocommand that updates the Gist automatically, but for now, it’s a labor of love.

One of the things I finally got around to doing recently is organizing my Vim settings into a scheme I can keep up. Interesting tip to know about Vim: if you type :options, you get a window describing all the available core settings organized into twenty-six sections, along with a small description of each setting. The neat thing is that this window gives such a great template for organizing your existing settings.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 20.10.37I took this to its extreme and put everything into this organizational scheme the best I could, moving everything around and tucking things into neat little folds throughout. When I open my ~/.vimrc to modify a setting, it’s easy to find the right section, open the fold, and go to town. Thanks to a modeline, I’m always presented with this compact set of folds ready to go. Best of all, when I have new settings, I know right where it goes. All of this adds up together to dramatically reduce the friction of improving my settings altogether. Truthfully, this cuts weirdly down on my anxiety around messing with my settings. I worried before about making an unmanageable mess even worse.

Is it weird to carry around so many feelings about a settings file?