Almost Human

Not that anyone asked, but here’s what skeeves me out about Mark Zuckerberg’s recent attempts to tour the nation and pretend to be a normal person to everyone he meets.

He hasn’t announced a single thing of the sort, but no breathing human can doubt he’s considering running for president of the US. His ambitions are as naked as they are clumsy. This comes from a man who has zero experience in the political arena and, when he inevitably announces, will only reveal the extent of his entitlement to a candidacy to the absolute apex of political accomplishment.

This ham-fisted tour shows his lack of agility or circumspection. So does running a company which fostered an attitude that speed trumped care, craft, or empathy. So does making statements about the death of privacy as a “social norm” and then walking it back.

The bottom line for me is, the whole thing bespeaks a man who simply feels he gets to run if he wants. Trump opened up a kind of permission effect: qualifications are now off the table. Now only volume matters. 2020 will see a field of clowns campaign, each jockeying for attention. And Zuckerberg is entitled to his captive nation.