Popular Posts

Over the last few years, I’ve written a few posts on my site which draw the majority of my visitors or best convey things I care about. Below, I’ve hand-curated direct links to a few of these posts.

  • Vim in the Future (13 Nov 18)—In a technology-centric post, I describe an older text editing program called Vim, showing how to approach it as a newcomer, and by doing so, I hopefully illuminate why Vim has persisted for decades and may yet still continue for decades more.
  • Beginning Astrophotography: Day for Night: The 2017 Eclipse (22 Aug 17)—I describe photographing the total solar eclipse of 2017, with photos.
  • Beginning Astrophotography: Frequently Asked Questions (6 May 17)—An infrequently updated post in which I answer questions I get about my amateur astronomy hobby.
  • A Gentle Primer on Reverse Engineering (27 Jan 15)—In this programmer-focused post, I describe how to manipulate a binary program to change its behavior, without its original source code.
  • Through the Warp Zone (5 May 14, updated 14 April 18)—In this somewhat technical post, I explore how “warp zones” in the original Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo Entertainment System work and how to change their behavior.
    • This post has been updated to incorporate some corrections and clarifications which originally were squirreled away in a footnote. With the post’s continued popularity, I didn’t want to leave the best information hidden.
  • Change Your Cursor Shape on the Fly in Zsh’s “vi-mode” (3 May 13)—I describe in this post how I configured my cursor shape to change in iTerm2 when I switch modes in my shell. It’s rather dated, may not work, and I no longer use or maintain the configuration it mentions, but it’s one of my most visited posts from search engines.