Privacy Policy

What follows is a declaration of privacy expectations users may hold when they visit my site. If I make changes to it, I will announce those changes in a post describing what they are and when they are effective.

Note that below I refer to “user agent.” This means any visitor to my website—a web browser, a mobile device, an automated program, or anything else.

  • My website’s address is / and has no other addresses. This privacy policy only applies for this address.
  • This website embeds no ads of any kind.
  • This website embeds no third-party trackers or third-party analytics tools whatsoever.
  • This website does not collect any personal data about its visitors.
  • This website does log data incidental to any HTTP request (originating IP address, user agent identification). These logs are used to create analytics and do some automated malware blacklisting, but no third party is involved.
    • These are retained less than a year.
  • This website does not create any cookies or use any storage on user agents which interact with this website unless they attempt to log in.
  • This website does not load software in the user agent which serves any purpose beyond displaying the website and its assets—meaning it does not use your user agent to mine cryptocurrency, for example.
  • This website does not allow anyone except for me to add content, such as via comments or uploaded images.
  • This website does not hot-link images or videos from other sites.
  • This website does not use fonts or icons from third-party servers which could be used to track users.
  • This website is self-hosted on a virtual server to which I personally and solely have root access, not hosted on any third-party provider, such as
  • This website uses TLS encryption and authentication (provided by Let’s Encrypt), and all requests not using TLS are forced to redirect to TLS.
    • This means anyone attempting to visit any page starting with “/” will end up at the corresponding page starting with “/“. That initial HTTP request is unencrypted, so anyone between you and my server can see what content was requested (such as your ISP). However, my server will not return any content and instead send you to the HTTPS version.
  • This website is not affiliated with any third party financially, technically, or legally, beyond being hosted on a DigitalOcean VPS.